Wanders 2007

Last night we were treated to Wanders 2007, an acrobatic show over at the Grand Theatre of Pagcor Airport Casino in Paranaque. It was a full-house, despite the tickets being pricey (cheapest was P1,236.00/pax). Minutes into the show however, the reason is plain to see:

Running for almost 2-hours, every minute of Wanders is packed with enthralling action. The complex, breath-taking stunts were aptly complemented by the drama, romance and suspense provided by theatre music and lights. I personally liked the acrobatic duets - the part where a couple does acrobatic stunts ballet-ish style while suspended mid-air from a strip of cloth. Such artistry! Such strong yet flexible muscles! Such courage! (There is no way you can make me do that!)

The cast is mostly made up of Chinese nationals, while some Filipino talents, including Philippine Idol winner Mau Marcelo, have singing and acting parts. (Sorry to say but the Filipino parts seemed a little off for me. They looked like borloloys, and that the numbers they were in could have gone on fine without them. Then again, that could probably just me.)

Overall the show is a visual treat and well worth the the money. My little boy was actually doing semi-cartwheels, attempting to ape what he had seen in the show. (That's a sign he liked it.) My nephew, only a year and a half old, gasped "grabe!" during one of the numbers/ :)

After the show we lined up to have our photo taken with the cast. I wanted to shake hands with the chinese acrobats and tell them how much I enjoyed the show but since I didn't know Chinese and they knew little English... I got shy and just posed. :)

The show will run until December 29. There's an 80% chance we're coming back for seconds. :)

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