Sometimes reality gets so bad that you wish you have the power of anamorphosis. That you can simply move into another position, change angles a bit, look at what you're seeing and see a totally differently image.

I've been shocked today by the discovery that someone in our employ, a blood relative, has AGAIN attempted to steal from us. Note the word again. Repeated. Despite warnings and chances at a fresh start.

I've tried to look at it from a different position, a different angle but the image gets uglier and more contorted. The more I analyze, the less reasons I find for compassion or understanding. In their stead, intolerance for lack of integrity, disdain for the abuse of trust.

I've often believed people are innately good. Today, I met an exception-- someone who would, given a chance, lie and steal, and lie some more to steal some more.

Surely he must have a reason, a pressing need?

He gets sick or falls asleep on duty due to the long hours he keeps in beerhouses. He has a long list of unpaid debts, he barely supports his family, yet he's an expert about every GRO and every nook and cranny of the nightlife in San Pedro.

Do the math, then tell me if any amount of anamorphosis can make me see this in a different light.

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