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As of this writing, Malu Fernandez has already resigned from her writing posts, supposedly after getting hate mail and death threats from people angered by her article in People Asia. In that article she talks about a trip to Greece where, according to her, she had the misfortune of taking an airline teeming with OFWs. She said "I had wanted to slash my wrists, " "thought I had died and was sent to my own private hell," for being in the plane with the gum-chewing OFWs whose Axe Deocolognes and Charlies overpowered her Jo Malone. (emphasis mine, paraphrased).

Thanks to work-induced hibernation, I have not been watching television nor have been bloghopping lately. I just received copies of her article by email a while ago. What and how she wrote got me going, "Who the hell is this woman anyway?"

I googled her name and, guess what --the search turned up nothing about her. Nothing about her so-called glamorous lifestyles, no mention about her being friends with the who's who of Manila. Weird. If she were really who and what she purports herself to be, the internet must be full of her exploits, in the Tessa Prieto kind of way.

I came across quite a number of items about her, mostly hate propaganda in response to what she wrote. Most came in defense of OFWs, some name-calling and personal jabs at her weight. One blogger asks a semi-legitimate question, "....if she's really rich, why doesn't she get a freakin' liposuction?

My mom always says, "The empty kettle makes the most noise." The way she talked about what she supposedly has at the backdrop of what others, in this case the OFWs (do not) have, only speaks of how empty she/her life really is. No self-respecting, genuinely rich person takes a job talking about their lifestyles. Much of what they have are second nature to them, they won't gloat about trips or Jo Malones or Adidas Terrains or the money they fork out the way Malu did! Mas acciones, sin palabras.

After reading her other article (published in the Manila Standard in response to tirades received from the People Asia article), I realized, Malu isn't worth the trouble. If she needs to put other people down in order to extol herself, or worse, just to get attention, then unapologetically defends her tirades behind the excuse of just being "true to herself," well, kawawa naman. She is so much beneath the people she maligned.

OFWs get paid for an honest day's work. Malu Fernandez on the other hand needs to degrade people on the basis of what haves and what have nots, defend her actions by claiming she makes the world better by being a"bitch with an acerbic wit," -- all for a column's pay that might hardly hold a candle to an OFW's wage. How ironic. Kawawa, di ba?

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Olive Joy said...

Kawawa nga talaga. Pero, hehehehe, buti nga sa kanya.

anneski:) said...

Haha. Olive, for lack of an equivalent, I used kawawa. But I meant it as "pathetic." :)

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