The Ride to Baby No. 3

They say no pregnancy is the same as no woman and no child is the same as another. My previous pregnancy happened almost 8 years ago, and I don't remember much of the experience anymore, but I don't remember being the way I am now back then. So how am I?

1. Ang pangit ko na!

"Sino'ng maysabing pangit ka? Sino? Buburahin natin sa face of the earth!" --Claire

Ako, ako ang maysabing pangit ako. Not that I was a real knockout, but I certainly looked better before being pregnant, and during my two previous pregnancies. I even had people saying, "Babae siguro ang baby mo (your baby must be a girl)!" because I was blooming.

Now I don't have an iota of motivation to put on make-up or dress up. Sigh. Long cry from when I was designing my maternity dresses!

2. All-day, sporadic sickness.

When I had Gambel, I used to get sick after lunch. With Jam, it was immediately after eating, any meal. Now it's an even-no-meal sickness, sometimes when I'm in the bank, in the mall, in a meeting. I suddenly get nauseatic, feel clammy and have the urge to throw up. It gets so bad it's debilitating.

3. Growing big laterally, so early on.
At 8 weeks and 4 days, I can't believe that I can't fit in my pants anymore. (It took the 5th month for Jam/Gambel to show.) And I look like I'm 12 weeks along. Waaahhh!!!

4. Lazy, lazy, lazy.

Ok, so perhaps it's the hormones. I have ZERO motivation for anything. I hardly get any cravings. I don't want to cook. I don't want to go out. I don't wanna work (maturity is just taking over laziness). I don't even want to clean! (My desk in the office is an unbelievable pile of mess.) I just want to sit all day, which is so not like me at all!

The good thing is that I got my blood tests back and the results were normal. I am not anemic nor diabetic so despite all of the above, I suppose I am alright afterall.

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Olive Joy said...

Hehehehe. Oh but it'll all be worth it, right?

jenn said...

omigosh!!! i hate myself for not visiting in a looong time, late tuloy ako sa balita. anyway, i am soo happy for you... congratulations to you and mike!

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