January 9, 2003

I was sorting through my mails and found this letter I wrote a former boss, in response to a job offer. This was 4 years ago, but much of the feelings I shared in the letter remain unchanged.


Dear Ma'am Odess,

I am sorry if it seems I am changing my mind at the last minute. I just want you to know that I gave the decision deep thought at the longest possible time. I decided not to go with you to Cavite for the interview anymore because, in the light of my soul-searching I realized that I do not desire to go back to the corporate world yet, and in going with you tomorrow I will be wasting my time and yours, and that of your boss. I hope you understand.

Please allow me to share the rest of what came out of my soul-searching.

I realized that, when I left Amkor I also gave up a career, but with no regrets. At this point, I do not miss the work I left behind, and I am very content at what I do for my husband and our family. I am very happy about the daily joys from time spent with my kids and I am not prepared to give that up yet. My availability and presence also allows me to help Mike with the family business, and I am proud that I am able to help it grow, as this is something for our sons' future, something we will pass on to them in due time.

What I am doing now are the things my heart has always desired. I realized that even if I convince myself that financially we will be better off, that my employment will give the family further security, and a salary will win me financial independence, in my heart these do not matter, and I will not be happy. Mike and I discussed this and he supports my decision. He said that he just wants me to be happy.

Ma'am, I am very glad that God has given you the desires of your heart, and under different circumstances I would have been as excited to be working with you again. I am thankful that you have ever considered me to be with your team and have offered this opportunity without me asking for it.

But as a prayerful person I know you will realize that God has answered my prayers, too, and I am thankful that He makes you see the reason why I am turning down a wonderful opportunity. I pray that you will find the right people for your team, people who will be ready to support you as you help this organization grow, in the way you did when we worked together.

Salamat po ulit and I hope I am still welcome to text and call you from time to time.
God bless.



And her response:

Dear Anne,

I understand fully well and am happy about your being honest about it. Don't worry, nothing will change, I will still look forward to your text messages and calls kahit everyday. Sana lang, I can request you to do me favors once in a while.

You have chosen a better road - that is for your family!

Am sure, you won't mind working with me on a another capacity in the months to come.

God bless and regards to Mike, Jam and Gabriel.


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jenn said...

i have no doubt you made the right choice. now that i have my own kid i can totally relate to your feelings.

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