The Explanation

That sure explained it all --

the terrible headaches, weight gain, dizzy spells, bedtime hyperacidity, sore, tender breasts, irritability, repeated waking up in the middle of the night and being unable to go back to sleep, and yesterday's voracious craving for spaghetti AND halo-halo:

My hormones are raging.

And I am pregnant.

You'd think being mom twice over I'd recognize the signs. But my cycles are really erratic, and I have polycystic ovaries. After getting negative results in quite a number of pregnancy tests despite having no real protection in the last 4 years or so, I have sort of given up hope for baby no. 3. I just thought it was Aunt Flow coming. :)

Yet now the test has confirmed, it's a baby coming, sometime April or May next year. I am really, really, really hoping it's a girl this time. :)

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Olive Joy said...

Congratulations!!!!! Ako din, really, really, really hoping for a girl!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Guess what..............
~Anne L.

anneski:) said...

Hey Anne! My guess would be... you finally had time to read my blog? :P

Seriously now, congrats and best wishes to your own ride to baby no. 3. Take care!

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