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Those of you who are here in the Philippines must have seen the latest mayonnaise commercial, which was about a wife trying to help her husband find a gift for the boss. In the course of their shopping, she suggests a bottle of wine, a neck tie and a swiss knife, all of which the husband turned down, saying "Meron na siya niyan, (He has that.)"

That commercial played again one time while my husband/boss and I were having breakfast, and I seized the opportunity.

"Ano kaya'ng ireregalo ko sa boss ko? (What do you think should I give my boss?)" I asked out loud.

Playing along, my husband-boss replied, "Meron na siya niyan."

I persisted, "Ano nga kayang gusto niyang iregalo ko sa kanya? (What does he want to get for a gift from me?)"

"Huwag mo nang pagkaabalahan yung boss mo, (Don't bother with him)," was the reply between bites of pandesal.

He definitely wasn't making it easy.


Well, getting him a gift has never been easy.

For one, our interests are very different. He doesn't like reading, and is not into arts or photography. And I'm more techie than he is, so IT gadgetry are out.

The areas that interest him -- electronics, hydraulics, electricity -- are simply not within my circle of competence. I dare not buy him electronic gadgets, tools or equipment for his line of work because I just might end up buying something he cannot or will not use.

For most of the occasions that I did have an idea of a gift he'd love, he beat me to buying them. Once in passing he mentioned he needed a plastic watch for when he jogs, so I planned to get one for him for Fathers' Day. We were out in Southmall, and while he was somewhere having his metal watch checked, I was eyeing a Casio G-Shock and planned to return and buy it the following day. When we met up a few minutes later, he was already wearing a Casio G-Shock, even more expensive than the one I was out to buy. On separate occasions I meant to get him a hunting knife, a fishing rod, a billiard stick. He beat me to buying them. Sheesh.

I've already given him his very own movie poster -- his face instead of Tom Cruise's, in Top Gun -- which I did with Photoshop. If I give him another one it's not going to be anything new...

I can't be generic with him. Can't buy him a shirt, shoes, perfume -- meron na siya niyan. And besides, kahiya, he's been very generous, so I want to give back something of that generosity and give him something special, which says I put in some thought into the gift.

I want to make bawi too because I wasn't able to give him a decent gift during his last birthday, as we were in Mindanao, mourning.

So what's it gonna be? Any suggestions? What are you giving the Significant Man in your life?
Here's some of what I have in mind (don't worry, unless I make him, hubby doesn't read my blogs):

1) An acoustic guitar. He can play a few tunes, more with the guide of a chordbook. We can use this to unwind. The hitch: when do I get out to buy this before Christmas? Where do I hide it? And I don't know a lot about guitars to buy him a decent one... That in the picture is an Ovation Standard Balladeer, by the way. Photo for reference purposes only. Cost way beyond means. :)

2) A formal-looking leather-strap watch. For his barong days, which have become frequent recently. But since he's not had the chance to buy a leather watch, he's been wearing his jogging watch (the Casio G-Shock) with his barong. Hehehe. I hope he doesn't beat me to this one... a Pierre Cardin.

3) Rockport leather sandals. For when he travels. He actually brings his rubber house slippers. Time to leave them home and bring something more, er, presentable. :) I hope I get the size right...

4) A baby girl. Now this one will take me nine months plus an indefinite production time, and the 50% chance of producing one that's not according to specifications (read: a boy). Definitely not available by Christmas, but in all likelihood something he will like, something he can't beat me to buying. Besides, wala pa siya niyan. :)

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atedonski said...

tita anneski! amen to ur lamentations! i've given up on buying my hubby "practical" things (i.e. shoes, clothes, etc.) -- too finicky; gadgets -- too erratic on his tastes; electronics -- too expensive!! same as ur experience, he almost always gets first what i want to give him either by buying it himself or asking me to buy it for him...wala nang surprise! inis! anyways, with regards to him buying me gifts...well, mas inis yun. he will tell me..."sweetheart, buy mo n kahit ano gusto mo. bgay ko nman syo lhat ng sweldo ko e." ang sweet, no?!

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