48 Hours of Curiosity

I'm a blogger, and I publish my thoughts, feelings and experiences for the world to see. However, due to economics (competing wants for limited resources, the greatest of which is time; second to that is creativity), I am not able to share all that I want to tell.

Yet, I'm curious. What's on your mind? What do you want to know (about me, or everything else)? Are you curious about what else is on my mind?

So, here goes: for the next 48 hours, let's have a roundtable discussion of sorts. Ask me questions and I'd answer to the best of my ability. Which kind? Up to you! Leave them in the comments section.

(I'm also curious about where this'll go. 48 questions? No questions at all? Oh com'on, I know you're an interesting lot.)

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dons said...

my recipe k ba for cheese cake...as in filipino cheesecake??? eheheh!

anneski:) said...

I do, but that'd be for my other blog (Kitchen Conjugations). :)

dons said...

cge...a non-PG question: n-pers lab at pers sayt kba k mike??? kc nabigla lhat kmi sa pangyayari. to think n ako ang current labs team nun!! sic!

anneski:) said...

Well, more like on the third sight. :) I think it was more like siya ang na-love at first sight sa akin. Hahahaha.

Well, ako din amazed sa bilis ng pangyayari. But thankful. Definitely not complaining. :)

Sorry nasira ko ang loveteam nyo. :)

dons said...

tis ok...inde rn click ang labs team nmin e. actually 2nd generation team up n kmi..trixie-mike ang orig tpos ng-branch out to trixie-jerry at kmi nga. wla lng. wla kc ibang tao sa sw! eheheh! bsta mlaking issue ang "library" h!!! ehehe!

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