Growing Old... Too Soon

I watched Nacho Libre (with my sons) today and discovered that, alas, I have lost my child-like sense of wonder. Sigh.

While I did not hate the movie, I didn't like it either. Or at least I didn't enjoy it the way the boys did.

Perhaps it's the simplistic story (a friar who has since childhood wanted to be a luchador -- a wrestler-- beating the odds and eventually becoming #1, with a crush on a nun and some comedy with a sidekick thrown in between) that turned me off. Or maybe it's the overall theme -- wrestling; a man's arena, with which I can't relate. Maybe it's that I was frustrated by the questions (or the lack of it) turning up in my previous post. Or maybe I no longer know how to enjoy myself -- a case of growing old, too soon.

Sigh. I hope not.

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