De-caffeinating my life

"Darn. I'd really love to have a cup of coffee with this."

That as I flashed my husband a pout over the chicken salad sandwich I was having for lunch.

"Be my guest, sweetheart. Have all the coffee you want."

"But I can't! Caffeine stores fats!"


"So I'm giving it up. No coffee. Forever!"

"Kaya mo?"

He has a point there.

I tried giving up coffee before, only to realize that I am a real sucker for coffee, or more specifically the coffee experience. The aroma from the brewpot, a whiff of freshly-ground beans... dissolves any resolve from staying away.

It's been four days, and I've suffered through withdrawal symptoms, including unshakable migraine. And it's not been without temptations -- for what are biscotti, pandesal, banana cue, argellanas without coffee? What is a cold, rainy day without a hot demitasse in my hands, but a major depression?

But then, some glimmers of hope:

Four pounds lost, a better fitting blouse, and a less stimulated appetite. Without coffee, I had been able to skip dinner for four days in a row. Yey!

Well, as it goes, you give up a few things chasing a dream.

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jenn said...

really? four pounds? i should say goodbye to coffee na rin...awww!

anneski:) said...

Yes, Jenn, it's true. I'm amazed myself. Although it helped of course that 1) I'm not eating dinner and 2) gave up rice altogether.

When my mom enrolled in Slimmers World years ago, one of the first they asked her to give up was caffeine, kasi nga daw caffeine stores fats. So there. :)

jeng said...

naku ann just limit it to one cup without sugar it helps. the first two months of lost pounds means you're stabilizing the accumulated water in your body. it doesn't neccessarily mean that you already lose all the fat. If you want to eradicate coffee do it gradually coz of withdrawal symptoms. take it from a coffee addict>>>>>> and i agree with no rice and limit food intake not the coffee that made you lose the 4 pounds. again from your cofee addict freind.

jeng said...

eliminate your coffee addiction gradually.... or take it without sugar if you are concern with those pounds. i lost ten pounds still drinking coffee.... your coffee addict friend

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