Letter to My Son's School : On Student Drivers

Following a minor vehicular accident yesterday, from which, thank God, nobody got hurt, I write a letter to the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Discipline Coordinator's Office and the Parents' Association at my sons' school.

Dear Sir:

Yesterday as my son and I headed for the exit / intersection from the school, my car was bumped from behind by a car driven by a Mr. --- of Fourth Year -- . Fortunately no one from among us drivers and passengers were hurt and there was no significant damage to either car.

What worries me is that Mr.-- , when accosted, was only able to present a Student Driver’s License, and was NOT accompanied by a professional driver who was supposed to be supervising his learning and practice as a driver.

When I reminded him about this requirement Mr.-- said he is on his way to fetch this professional driver. Upon further pressing he went as far as saying he’s due to get his non-professional driver’s license this month. Regardless of whether such assertions are true or not, what is undeniable is that at the precise moment of the accident yesterday Mr.-- DID NOT have the necessary license that authorizes him to drive by himself, unsupervised.

We were on the move; we were driving to the intersection when Mr.-- bumped us from behind. He must have his eyes or mind on something else and failed to see us, slow down or step on the brakes in time. Whatever his reasons, the incident shows Mr.-- is not yet ready to drive unsupervised.

By driving unsupervised Mr.-- puts himself and others in danger. What if he bumped a person or persons instead of my car? The area where this happened, afterall, teems with students. What if the damage to the car, or to another property, was great? What if instead of a light bump the impact was greater, injuring him, me, or any of our passengers? I shudder at the thought.

Would his parents be up to the responsibility? Do they even know or had they consented to his unsupervised driving? Do they know or realize the implications of such actions?

Yesterday I got the impression that Mr.-- drives himself to and from school on a regular basis. I also believe Mr.-- possibly is not the only student driving himself to school, perhaps even giving their classmates and/or friends a ride with them. What happened yesterday therefore could happen again, only involving a different set of people and set of circumstances.

I therefore ask the school to take preventive measures. I write to ask that you call the attention of Mr.--parents to the incident. I also request that you ask them not to allow him to drive unsupervised until he gets his non-professional driver’s license.

Secondly, I ask that a letter be sent to all parents to tell them of the incident, so that they can remind their children to be more careful and wary of cars driven by fellow students. More importantly, I hope you can remind parents of the responsibility behind allowing their minor children to drive, and to warn them against letting their children drive unsupervised.

I would greatly appreciate the favor of a reply. Thank you very much.

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