I noticed that one of my mom's former officemates put up a small bakery at her house, and so one time on my way to work I decided to drop by, to buy some bread and sort of help the business with some patronage.

I know it's been more than a decade since she last saw me, so I wasn't surprised that she didn't appear to recognize me at all even after a few exchanges. I volunteered, "Tita Grace, di mo na ako nakikilala? Si Annelyn po, anak ni Tita."

"Ay, si Annelyn pala!" She said.  She could have stopped there, but she decided to cross the line, blurt out whatever she was thinking, and cross me. "Ano'ng nangyari sa 'yo, nagpabaya ka? Hindi ka na si Annelyn, si Tita ka na!"

She lambasts me, and goes on as far as lambasting my mom, too.  Her insinuation: "Ang taba mo, mataba rin ang mommy mo!"

I had wanted to tell her that mom came home to visit three years in a row, and on each visit she hasn't failed to wow everyone with how slim, youngish and elegant she's remained.  I wanted to lecture her on etiquette and decorum, on how she should be an example (being way older than I) on tact and politeness.
It is ironic how her behavior grossly contradicts her Name.

My maldita side was itching to say, "Tita Grace naman, siempre, alangan namang di ako magbago. Siempre lahat tayo magbabago ng itsura sa pagdaan ng panahon.  Gaya mo ngayon, mukha ka nang tuyot na ampalaya na naapak-apakan sa palengke!"

But instead I just bit my tongue, paid for my purchase and never ever came back.  Malugi sana siya! :)

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Olive Joy said...

Hahahahahah. Oh, but I think you haven't changed at all. Not one bit.

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