Dearest Mikapot,

I'm so excited to see you, we're all excited to see you. If I could, I would've leaped to the middle of April so I can confidently and duly give birth to you. We're all waiting to see how you look like, how you'd be making your little yawns or flinging your mitten-covered little hands at us.

Pero anak, not yet, wag muna ngayon. Last Wednesday doc said you're poised for delivery and I'm already 2 cms open preparing for your coming out. Not yet. As excited as we all are I'd like to carry you to full term. Hang on, baby. I know it's three weeks more of sikip, getting up at dawn and sleeplessness and waiting, but now isn't the best time. Your lungs are still developing and God is still working on you.

And do you know, Dra is leaving for a convention in China next Wednesday? If you come out next week we'd be handled by a different doctor. Ayaw natin yun, di ba? Forget tradition. I know I came out early, your titos came out early, Kuya Jam and Bubun both came out early... but gayahin mo na lang si Dada.

Just 3 weeks more, baby.


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