33 weeks

Last week after an appointment at the Chinese embassy I went shopping for baby things in preparation for my impending delivery. If history repeats, I would be delivering in 4 weeks. I thought it's about time I have the baby's things ready and my maternity bag packed.

It's helping that school's almost out. The boys have less or no homework at all, and only Jam has to prepare for coming exams. But it's quite an effort lugging around. I have the biggest belly of my 3 pregnancies, still up and working and yep, getting stressed.

Anyway, back to the bit about my shopping.

It was funny because I didn't have an idea what to buy anymore -- it's been almost 8 years since Gabriel, and I didn't even have to shop so much that time, save for feeding bottles and then some. And so there I was at SM, overwhelmed by a huge selection and assortment, walking about aimlessly not knowing where to start.

I stopped at one shelf and had the sales assistant take control. (Mind you, for an OC that is a big leap.) She showed, I bought. She was the power of suggestion.

"Cloth diapers, ma'am?
"I don't think I'd need them; I'd be using disposables."
"You can use them as wash cloths, or burping pads."
"Oh, okay."
"How many?"
"How many do you think I'd need?"
"About six. And oh, you'd need some bigkis, too."
"Oh yeah, that too. Thanks."
"Is this your first baby?"
"Third. But it's been a long time (then I pointed to Gambel)."

And so about half an hour later we walked away with:

  1. Bird's eye cloth diapers, half a dozen
  2. Bibs, 3
  3. Wash cloths, 3
  4. Receiving blankets, 3
  5. Blanket (without hood)
  6. Mittens, 2 pairs
  7. Side-tie shirts with short sleeves, small size, 3
  8. Side-tie shirts with short sleeves, medium size, 3
  9. Side-tie shirts with short sleeves, large size, 6
  10. Booties, 2 pairs
  11. Baby pillow

I know I missed many things, the following included:

  1. feeding bottles, 4 oz.
  2. nipples
  3. breast pump
  4. breast pads
  5. disposable diapers
  6. baby bonnet (will the baby need this at all?)

What else, what else? Help!

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ateDonski said...

anneski! i think u left out d most important item of all -- d baby wipes/cotton (to wipe d dirty bits with)!! hehehe! if u'd like to be lazy the cotton balls will do. but since ur an ob-c then maybe get d normal cotton & make balls to ur specs! hahah! but then again, there are cotton wool pleats which i find are more versatile (as u can use them instead of wash cloth for bathing d bb...a lot softer!). &, u can stack them up -- w/c look better than randomly packed cotton balls. ob-c nga, b da?

Anonymous said...

Ethyl Alcohol- to clean the stump sttached to baby's navel. I believe this is better than isopropyl alcohol. ~Anne L.

Jenn said...

anne! di kaya kulang ang mga clothes, mitts, booties and bibs? ako kasi mga ganon din lang and we had to do laundry for jianna every other day. i don't think you'd want to be doing that din. we didn't use the baby bonnets so i guess you don't need to buy na, unless aircon kayo matulog coz the baby needs it to keep warm.

what about sterilizer and cleaning brushes?beddings and mattress for the crib? baby bolster pillows? nursing blanket if you'll breastfeed? bathing tub and towels? grooming stuff like brush and nail clippers?

ang dami no? good luck!

anneski:) said...

Thanks friends for the inputs. :) I really needed that.

Jenn, I knew you'd be the one to give the most inputs, being the 'most recent' mom. :) I had a feeling kulang ang clothes, but I am not sure what size to buy so I figure I'd have to wait until Mika comes out then I'd buy some more. Also a close friend in the US is sending me stuff, I'm wary na magkasobra-sobra naman.

I wanted to buy cleaning supplies etc. but I was with the boys and COMMUTING so I put it off to when I have a car. Kaso ngayon I'm supposedly on bedrest (note: SUPPOSEDLY) so the shopping would have to wait till after I give birth. :)

Thanks again peeps for the help! :)

Olive Joy said...

ay, ay, ay I heard the u-shaped pillow where you can rest baby on when you're breastfeeding is especially helpful (hehe, notice how eager I am to offer advice and the fact that I have never given birth).
tapos lysol, kasi ... lumaki ako sa lysol e.

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