One of my creditors attempted delivery of my credit card today. Attempted, because as I was away at work, they refused to leave the card with the maid.

Partly, that's a good thing. I'm all for security against fraud and identity theft.

What I don't get is--
they issued me a credit line because I can PAY.
I can pay because I have WORK.
They attempt delivery of my credit card on a WORK DAY and expect ME to be HOME.
What gives?!

Wala kasing binebentang common sense eh!

This isn't the first time it happened. And the phenomenon isn't unique to one bank.

Since they send out credit statements anyway, why not include a notice as to when you can expect the card-bearing courier? This way you can prepare and leave an authorization and copies of your valid IDs to your representative, and you make sure your rep has a valid ID. No time and resources wasted; the courier comes when you are ready. You have your card when you need it.

No rocket science, di ba?

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ateDonski said...

hahaha! i totally & wholeheartedly agree! lagi ngyayari skin yn tpos i have to run after them p. did i tell you about the time this VERY well known bank kept on delivering my billing statements to my former work address despite being told on the phone countless times of my new one??? of course, i got charged loads of times dn on late payments bec i was sooo dependent on the statement. & was there any consideration bec of the missing statement? no need to answer.

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