Me Too! I Love Yellow!

This should have been posted on October 15, 2007, but life got in the way. :)


-- I actually love violet. But the title of this post takes off from my friend Elmer Ato's own Family Day blog post, titled "I Love Yellow," here.

Last Saturday, Gabriel's school had its Family Day. While we were a dad short as Mike was in China, we decided we won't let that stop us from having family fun. We were in the Yellow team, and clad in our yellow shirts, we trooped to the auditorium that was a sea of colors, red, blue, orange, green and brown.

Within seconds of sitting, I got approached by a team mate and asked to come with her for practice. "Practice what, mommy?" Jam was asking, but I was already being led away, silently praying it wasn't practice for volleyball or women's basketball. (Earlier I already told the class adviser I wasn't participating in the games because I am 8 weeks along.)

Buti na lang, it was for Sayawit, the Song and Dance Competition. We were supposed to practice the contest piece "Top of the World," and a choice piece, "Quando, Quando." (Side kuwento: They chose Quando because they thought it was a fairly popular piece and therefore easy to learn. I eyed the rest of my teammates and noticed they were mostly my age. We would have been babies the time Quando was in the airwaves.) We were half an hour away to the start of the program, had 30 minutes to learn the song and make up choreography. Tout le monde, impromptu.

And so, deciding it was no time to be shy, I took the ball and gave my all to the practice. The leader noted that I was the most animated and so decided to make me lead singer. The other moms suggested I be placed at the center front so they can see what I'm doing and just follow.
Sige na nga.

Back to my seat moments after the practice, I was again Mrs. Pakialamera, coaching the rest of the parents for the cheering competition. When our team was called, we chanted with everything we've got, "Boom tarat! Boom Tarat Tarat, Go Yellow, Go Yellow, Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Minutes later, we performed next to the Orange Team. They were 25-members strong, had props, great choreography. Like they had been preparing and practicing forever. Scared, we 12 ladies took our positions backstage, some mommies jittery at being in the spotlight again after so many years. I told them, "We're not here to win, we're here to enjoy ourselves. Let's go out there and give our all for our kids, and have kick-ass fun!"

And so we went out and faced the music, so to speak. As was in the practice, I oido-ed most of the actions for Top of the World, acting out what came to my mind as regards the lyrics. Then, for Quando Quando Quando, with the team leader's nod I took the mic and sang away. And danced like no one was watching.

Fortunately the rest of the team caught on with the spirit and gave their hearts out to the performance, so hindi naman ako nagmukhang tanga, hahaha. (Un)fortunately I do not have a videoclip to show for my bravado.

Sinong kukuha ng video, yung videographer nasa stage nagsasayaw? :)

We finished to cheers from the crowd, and a feeling that we passed some sort of test with flying colors. I was met by the class adviser who thanked me profusely. She said she appreciated the help I gave. But what was priceless was Gambel running up to meet me as I stepped down from the stage, saying "Thank you mommy, I love you!"

Later we won for Most Spirited Cheer, and placed 2nd among 5 teams in Sayawit. I'd say, not bad, not bad at all. :)

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