Two Easter egg hunts stand out in my memory --

My first egg hunt, at home back in 1977, where I found a painted egg in an empty ice cream pint wedged between two branches of our langka tree;

And that one egg hunt in Baguio City, which took place during Tito Boy's gig in 168, where I won a flat iron for finding one of the eggs.

The easter egg hunts I've been in after that were far less colorful -- literally and figuratively. Some of the hunts had plain eggs. Some had chocolate eggs that were handed out instead of hidden for a hunt. I kinda like the adventure, the fun of getting your hands dirty painting the eggs or looking for them. I like the story as much as the ending.

Anyhow, I've determined to have my kids experience the joys of my and their dad's brand of childhood. (More about this, later.) So I had an impromptu egg painting session with them last Saturday. My niece Robyn and Gabriel's classmate Naomi joined us.

I sat my fellow make-up artists for a quick run-through and then went right to work. We had 16 eggs to work on initially, but the kids were bitin and so we added 4 more. (They were boiled eggs, by the way. ) Sorry there aren't any pictures of us at work. The designated photographer got busy watching National Geographic.

More pics and a "recipe" of the egg paint in Kitchen Conjugations.

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