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"What price do I pay for transferring Jam to a new, hopefully better school? Having Jam give up friendships he has made. The sacrifice of longer commutes to school, unless we relocate. Taking the risk of finding out that I'm in a worse school. Adjusting all over again, etcetera." --to Mike, on my exasperation over Jam's school

" 'Hoy bakla, mag-drama ka. Kunwari trainer ka, at estudyante mo ako. Turuan mo ako, wag mo akong chismisan.'" -- to a friend, on what to say to another friend

"Brochure, brochure. Mukha na akong brochure." --after a long day of writing and designing product literature.

"I don't get internet subscriptions for the heck of it. I applied for DSL because I need one and I need it to work. I don't need it tomorrow or next week. I need it now. You have until 12 nn to restore my DSL connection, or else I will have this (connection) disconnected. I won't pay pre-termination charges because I terminated the service because you weren't able to satisfy my needs." -- to a customer care person named Felwin, who (unluckily) received my nth report call to PLDT

"Tengo hambre. J'ai faime. In other words, makakakain na ako ng tao sa gutom!" --to Mike, past lunchtime

"Na-shock ang mga tao namin pagkakita sa akin. (Naka-rollers pa din ako, may takip na bandana.) Sabi ni Mike, mukha daw akong spokesperson ng MILF. Sabi naman nung mga tao, mukha akong Muslim na taga-Baguio. Hahaha!" --SMS to a friend

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Why AnneThology?

Anthology means a collection of poems, short stories, plays, songs, or excerpts. My name is Anne, and this blog contains a collection of my thoughts, musings and writings (poems, short stories), some songs I like, plus a sprinkling of excerpts I find worth sharing --hence, AnneThology.

Did you know?

Anthology derives from the Greek word ἀνθολογία (anthologia; literally “flower-gathering”) for garland — or bouquet of flowers — which was the title of the earliest surviving anthology, assembled by Meleager of Gadara.

Look, what I have -- these are all for you.