Ten Random Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

Lists. We all love lists. Here's mine, which idea I got from Stef's blog. A glimpse in to the real me:
1. I don't like repeating myself, especially if I spoke to answer a question. Logic dictates that you will listen for the answer when you ask, right?

2. I can drive, but do not have a driver's license. I haven't got one because there's no motivation -- I don't have my own car yet-- and because my husband believes that on the road I am "a threat to myself and others." Maybe one day I will prove him wrong. :)

3. I have 12 foreign language units. I took 6 units of Spanish right after the requirement was abolished, because I wanted to be different. I took 6 units of French later, because I planned to apply for a scholarship for graduate studies in Switzerland.

4. I was asked to do a mini-TV commercial for Ivory shampoo, but declined because the shoot coincided with a school activity. Tsk, tsk.

5. I am allergic to cigarette smoke. A whiff gives me migraine.

6. I am a multi-tasker, but I can't study nor concentrate when there's music in the background.

7. Some things I'd probably NEVER do, even if my life depended on it: bungee-jumping, rappeling, tight-rope walking, sky-diving. I have altophobia. And I can't swim too -- at least not in open waters. So that also leaves out snorkeling, much more scuba diving.

8. I am a stickler for organization. I want everything in order, in their proper places, filed and labeled. I married a man who's my exact opposite and have since learned, in the pursuit of sanity preservation, to relax my standards.

9. Three things I'd most probably come home with when I'm left to my devices in a mall: a pair of shoes; dinnerware or bakeware and a book. I love shopping, and as the write-up in my college yearbook said, I "..can go for miles without food and water in Greenhills or Divisoria."

10. My fondest wish is to one day open a cozy, old-world charm coffee shop in a quaint corner, where I'd serve pasta dishes, cakes and pastries I made myself. If I can't have that, then I'd like to run at least a bakery or pastry shop.

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