MONTHS ago I was surfing for information about how I could have Dream Satellite TV installed at home and found their website. Looking around for a directory of dealers near our area I entered the "Dealer's Lounge" and I was prompted to sign up with my name and contact information. I did, thinking it would speed up getting the information I needed.

After signing up I got a prompt from the website saying that my "Dealership Application" would be submitted, then reviewed, and that I will receive an email notifying me when my application (for dealership) is accepted.

While I was surprised at this turn of events I thought less of it. While I wasn't really interested in becoming a dealer, I assumed that I will be contacted if I were to be made dealer -- afterall, they would need me to make an investment, undergo training, etc. and I would have the chance to say all I wanted was a list of dealers. Days, weeks, months passed and I did not hear from Dream. No call nor email. And so I forgot all about the supposed dealership application.

And then, yesterday, I got a call from a complete stranger on my mobile phone asking about Dream. I was told she got my number from the Dream website. What the...?

And so I checked, and yes, there it was, my name and number, for all the world to see!

Not getting back to their "dealer applicants" is bad (that speaks so poorly about marketing strategy), but publishing personal information, just like that, without any authorization from the information owner was VERY IRRESPONSIBLE.

I have already fired off a letter to Customer Care, Sales and Marketing, and Admin, demanding they rectify the error in 48 hours, along with a threat to sue them for intrusion of privacy if they fail to do so. Would you know a graver case? Suggestions are welcome...


Of course, there are lessons from the experience. In the pursuit of convenience and speed, I've sacrificed the integrity of my personal information, assuming people would be responsible and discreet. Two big mistakes. It's easy to say I'll never give my personal information to complete strangers again. And never online.

But then again, who's to say the information we give or have given to bigger, reputable and presumably more responsible companies -- banks and insurance companies-- are safe from disclosure to third parties? I've received so many third party offers -- from Citibank accredited service providers, SM Advantage Card referrals, etc., for more/other credit cards, health care, insurance among a host of others. All said I've been pre-qualified. They are authorities on my financial qualifications-- my possessions and income -- things I've disclosed to people I assumed would safeguard them.

How ironic since Citibank even mails reminders telling its members to avoid disclosing personal information and PINs over the phone. Parang, huwag n'yo nang ibigay... kami nang bahala!

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