Scared Silly

Walked to take a leak at the shopfloor CR.
Opened door, walked in, closed door,
pulled down pants, did business.
Pulled up pants, lifted pail of water to flush and...
saw fat Mr. Earthworm on the restroom tile where the pail stood.

"Eeeeeeeee! Mommmmmmyyyyy!!!"

I didn't know where to run in the ultra-compact, room for one, locked cubicle.

I would have flown if I had wings,
zoomed right through the roof if I could.
I would have smashed right through the cubicle walls
if I were superhuman.

But I wasn't. At that moment I was but a mere mortal
a true-blue scoleciphobiac
scared silly and death-white by
legless, armless
fat Mr. Earthworm.

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