Come and Watch @ My Brother's Moustache

Hello dear friends!

My uncle (my mother's younger brother), Albert Pancho ("the Filipino Don McLean), is back in town from Australia to do a series of shows. First off is a mini-concert, "A Tribute to Don McLean," on June 15, next Thursday at "My Brother's Moustache" at Sct. Tuazon, Quezon City.

You might be looking for a date venue or a laid-back, night-out gimmick for next week-- please consider coming to watch this show. Entrance/entertainment charge is only P100.00 (to be charged on top of food bill, if any.) I also have 20 tickets available (which you can present so that the entertainment charge is waived) . If you buy now, I can give you 50% off on your second ticket. :-)

So how about it? Please do come and watch and be treated to a night of lovely acoustic music. Apart from the classic Don McLean hits like Vincent, American Pie, Crying and And I Loved You So, there's more, including a special performance by 17-year old guitar prodigy Jericho Pancho (the son, my cousin naman, who has stunned folk singers and music veterans at his gigs at The Hobbit House because of his extraordinary chord progression).

I'd be there of course, so we can hook up. :) So... do I hear takers?

Anne :)


By the way, wala akong commission dito. If any, the only thing I gain is fame! Hahaha. Kidding aside, I'm only helping out my Tito Boy who is like a father to me. :) Besides, I GUARANTEE you will get far much more value over the P100.00 you will shell out. :) So, how many tickets do I reserve for you? :)

MORE: Albert Pancho is the half of the Albert and Menchie duo who took Baguio by storm in the 1980s. They used to perform in the Pines Hotel, the Cozy Nook, and 168, up until they started touring internationally and taking base in Singapore, New Zealand and lastly, Australia. They have since raised three sons who have inherited their talent and passion for music, and these three sons (including Jericho) have created a following for their band called TheDNARock.

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