Patient's Patience

OOPHOROCYSTECTOMY is the medical term for the procedure I had last Monday, May 9 at the Asian Hospital. In layman's terms, I was operated on to remove a cyst in my right ovary. (Later, during the procedure, my doc also found and removed a cyst in my fallopian tube.) Thanks to prayers, well-wishes, moral support, tons of sedatives and spinal anaesthesia, the operation went well, with me sleeping through it and for most of the day after the operation. I am home now and moving about, on oral pain killers and antibiotics, and an abdominal binder that makes the summer heat more undeniable.

Well, as in most hospitalizations, there is INJUSTICE: ikaw na ang nasaktan, ikaw na ang nahirapan, ikaw na ang mahihirapan, ikaw pa ang magbabayad. :( I was 'punctured' FIVE times in all: One, to draw blood for CBC; two, to put the IV on (which hurt, dahil ang liit ng veins ko and ang haba ng needle); three, to do a skin test of my antibiotic, Co-Amoxiclav; four, to inject the sedative (which hurt so bad I cried.. talaga, ang sakit, hanggang ngayon, sore pa ang right shoulder ko!) and five, the injection of the spinal anaesthesia (which thankfully didn't hurt kasi I was deeply sedated by then). Well, thanks to the five-star service at Asian, the hospitalization seemed more like a hotel stay. Yun nga lang I have the 2" incision on my abdomen to show that it really wasn't. And the astronomical bill that could only be a hotel bill if we holidayed at Shang for two weeks straight...

Anyhow, my early recovery was greatly aided by the presence of my 3 bears - my sons JAM and Gambel, who were a delight as usual (inatake na naman si Gambel ng pagka-inglisero, so incision and all, umuga-uga lang naman ang tummy ko sa kakatawa), and my wonderful husband, Mike, who lovingly carried my 120lbs over and over, helped me get up, bought me all the apple juice I wanted kahit di ko pa puedeng inumin back then). I was also strengthened by my lola's loving watchfulness (she flew home from NZ just to look after me!) and my mom's transcontinental concern (she was texting everyone all the way from Australia, every hour, asking how I was doing).

Add to that of course, were highlights: friends who came and brought lovely flowers, food (for my bantay daw, but do you think I could resist a bite of that strawberry cream cake, ha, Bryant, Claire?) and who most especially brightened my disposition with their company and humor. Here I especially mention Chad, who compelled me to get up as soon as I can to change out of my hospital gown and put on make up, after chiding me with "Di ka ba nahihiya, pormal na pormal ako, tapos ikaw, ganyan ang itsura mo?" (Ayan, Chad, masaya ka na?!) and Claire (who saw me after the 'make-over') who made my day by saying, "Wow, Anne, di ka mukhang pasyente! Are you sure di ka nagpa-lipo?!"

Nobody knows how dermoid cysts develop, and why they do. Dermoid cysts are made up of epithelial cells, the same cells making up our skin, hair and teeth, that is why dermoid cysts, when cut open, are found to have the same stuff in them (grossed you out? sorry)... In children, they develop in the mouth or on the face (usually beside the eyebrow); in adults, in the ovaries or in the spinal column. Enlarged cysts usually cause ovarian torsion (twisting), or rapture and bleeding. We decided to have mine removed early on, sans those complications. (Although the term 'early on' is relative here.. the sonologist said my cyst is about a year old, but it already occupied 75% of my ovary...)

So what's my advice? If you notice anything unusual at all, get a medical check up. Health is wealth.

As for me, I have 3 weeks of recovery to log in and then it's time to go back to school. Everyone's actually against the idea: Mike's thinking of passing out a signature campaign, Sharon and Chad are planning a Yahoo! poll, Claire is having second thoughts about doing the enroling for me; my mom doesn't know yet, but I think she's trying to pre-empt the idea by emailing an admonition: "Even if you think you feel better now, you know you're not 100% okay pa, so ingat. You are not to do anything tiring, more magbuhat ng mabigat. Iyong pain from the wound maski maliit, will take 1 month bago totally mawala. While it appears healed sa labas, takes years bago mag-heal iyong sa loob."

Waaahh! I can't imagine missing another school term! Am so tired of academic hibernation. I want action! I want excitement! I want STRESS!! :)

May 12, 2005

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