THE PHONE RANG at a little past 2 AM and on reflex both Mike and I got up to take the call, both silently musing "This better be something important," yet wishing it was not an emergency involving any of our loved ones who are away. Mike beat me to the task, only to be greeted by dead silence at the end of the line. Whoever the caller was had a twisted sense of humor and consideration. Sarap kulamin.

Anyhow, we both went back to bed and tried going back to sleep, but since our consciousnesses were revved up by the effort of getting up, picking up the phone, thinking of possibilities, then getting ticked off by the call being a prank one, di na kami makatulog. On my suggestion we went downstairs initially to watch TV (and to check the number of the caller sa Caller ID) but eventually we decided to drive out to have coffee. Excited ako, another 'adventure' to blog about. Very early morning drive, coffee and conversation with my labidabs. :)

We drove out to Shell LIIP, hoping the Starbucks outlet there's open 24 hrs, but when we passed by the station on the way to the Mamplasan Exit (from where we will re-enter the SLEX and drive northbound, going to Shell), we saw closed ang Starbucks. So when we got there we were conditioned na to settle for the coffee at Select. :) To our surprise (and delight), Royal Carribean was open. Mike and I each took a Beef Grenada, then Mike had a Lemonada, while I went to get myself a cup of Choco Latte.

Five minutes later, pattie crumbs on the table and paper cups emptied, we got up and walked back to the car, then drove home. Mike had an 8 am appointment in QC and had to take a few winks more so up to the bedroom he went when we got back. Sleepiness still eluded me naman so I turned on the TV and watched The Drew Carey Show, then the Cold Squad and a li'l of Amazing Race.

At 6 am I went up to awaken Mike, and took my appointed place on the bed. Saka pa lang ako nakatulog, took three hours and got up at 9 am. Well, another day to tackle...

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