Not for the Squeamish

I'm feeling a little under the weather today. My puson feels like it's carrying 5 gallons of water and that it's going to explode soon.. hay... I hope things get better later so I can be my usual self at my friend Bryant's party..

On a trip to my doc last Wednesday, we found out I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome on my left ovary, and that I have a pretty big dermoid cyst on my right. Considering both conditions, it's quite a miracle I got pregnant at all.. and twice pa, ha! (God is good!)

I'm on hormones (again) to address the PCO and that I guess explains the water retention and the cramps. While dermoid cysts are generally benign, the sonogram found that my right ovary has become enlarged, so I will go under the knife sometime second week of May to remove the growing cyst. (Friendster docs, Yel, Henry, you have two weeks to give me that second opinion... hehehe) It's gonna be my first time for surgery. Dalawin n'yo ko ha, sa Asian lang naman e. :)
And that explains why I can't write better than this. Excuse ha..

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