David and Goliath

Every now and then I get treated to one-of-a-kind entertainment from my kids.  Here is an amusing verbal joust between Mika, my 3-year old going 10, and Jam, my 15-year old:

Round 1

June 18, Shakey's Pacita.   Jam has been teasing his sister, his way of making papansin because he finds her irresistibly cute.

JAM:  "Siopao!" (He says this to emphasize he finds her cheeks soft and round, like the steamed buns.)
MIKA: "Hindi nga!"
JAM: "Siopao!"
MIKA:  "Hindi ako Siopao! Tao ako! Ikaw ang siopao! Kakainin kita! Beh!" (All in one breath, fierce as an agitated kitten.)
JAM: Mommy, o, marunong na lumaban!

Round 2.

June 20, my bedroom. Jam takes another shot.

JAM: "Siopao!"

MIKA: "Hindi nga!"
JAM: "Siopao!"
MIKA: "Hindi nga!"
JAM: "Siopao!"
MIKA: (pause.) "Oo, siopao ako."
JAM: "Siopao ka? Hindi ka tao?"
MIKA: "Oo, siopao ako."

'Tameme si Jam. Hahaha!   2-0, Mika in the advantage!

It is so amusing how Mika is able to stand up for herself at such an early age.   Kinda reminds me of my mom...

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