Wala na si Willie?

Mika now speaks in complete sentences with practically no baby talk. Had she not been my daughter I'd probably think I was speaking to a 5-year old, not a toddler.

Afternoon last Sunday we took a walk around the village. We chatted about anything and everything we passed.

Midway she began performing the Wowowee routine, complete with the hand sweeping under the chin action.

I said, "Wala nang Wowowee, Pom, Pilipinas Win na Win na."

"Wala na?" She asked.
"Wala na."

"Wala na si Pokwang?"
"Nandu'n pa si Pokwang. Si Willie ang wala na."

"Wala na si Willie?
"Wala na."

"Ubos na siya?"

In between laughing hard and hugging her at the same time I replied, "Hindi, lumipat lang siya!" :) Awww... baby pa talaga siya. :) Then again, she'd always be my baby.

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