The Suncell Con-Art

Wanting to cut down on telecomm costs, we joined the Sun Cellular Call and Text Unlimited bandwagon. Under the plan, we were supposed to pay only Php 999.00 per month, for which we get 3 mobile phones with unlimited Sun-to-Sun calls and texts, and free 750 text messages to other networks. All other services -- calls to other networks, MMS, downloads, etc. will be charged separately.

The bone I'm picking with it is the supposed 750 FREE text messages to other networks.

The way they advertise it, you'd think that for as long as you stay within the 750 allotted messages, you don't get charged. So I was surprised when, despite staying within this number, we got charges for text messaging, at one point about P600.00 on SMS alone. Saan galing 'ka 'nyo?

Thinking we have it free, we maximized use of this feature, texting away, careful though to stay within the limit.

Yun pala, Sun Cellular was AUTOMATICALLY charging us P1.00 for each text message we send to other networks. It put in the 750 "free" text messages AFTER the automatic charging, in the form of a P277.00 deduction from the total bill (a measly, unrealistic 36-centavo per text message). So that in the end, even if we sent out, say, just the supposedly free 750 text messages, we still owed Sun Cell P500.00 or so.

So, looking at it, wala naman palang kuwenta yung limit, as it doesn't matter how many texts you send. You get charged anyway!

I am just one of subscribers in the hundred thousands. Can you imagine how much money Sun Cell is conning out of unwitting subscribers, subscribers they tied down with 2-year contracts with pre-termination charge clauses?

Devious, sly and unfair marketing is what it is. They said free texts, so they're obligated to give free texts, not a text subsidy rated so much less than prevailing rates. If a text subsidy is all they can give, they shouldn't entice subscribers with the false promise of a free text bonanza.

I've not been on any post-paid mobile plans but this one, and I don't know whether Smart or Globe does its free-text maths the same way. Could you check your mobile bills please and let me know? I plan to complain to the DTI and the NTC about this.

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mark said...

Kindly post any contact number and/or email address to where I could reach you. I might enlighten you on the free SMS allocation of Sun - Mark

gdfgdfgdf said...

Hmmmm.. Will check this one.. Bayad lang kami ng bayad... One thing we noticed, grabeh! siguro mga 3 times kang tatawag para lang maintindihan mo kausap mo.. :( kundi nadidisconnect, choppy naman.. grrrrrrr!

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