Friday the 15th

At lunchtime today, while I wasn't looking, a can of coconut cream dropped from my shopping cart onto my poor, unsuspecting left big toe. Right smack on the joint.

I managed a muffled "God damn it!," winced and reached into my bag for some tissue to wipe the blood that was flowing from the gash. I tried applying pressure to stop the bleeding but the area hurt so bad, I had to remind myself I'm 35 years old and in a public place to stop myself from crying.

I stood there for a good two minutes steeling myself. I managed to put back the offending can back into the shopping cart. Limping, and with my sandal straps brushing the injury, I managed to get to the checkout counter and pay.

The area was swollen, black and blue by the time I got back to the car.

Then tonight, as I stood to fetch this laptop to type up this post, I, barefoot, stepped on one of Mika's eensy weensy hair clamps -- the ones with teeth.

I'm just up for grabs today, ain't I?

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