Monster In Law in the Making

Mike and I were driving to work, when a bunch of teenagers crossed the street. The one nearest the car had tattoo on his arms, and looked like he bummed all his life. I exclaimed, "Labs, paano kung ganyan ang maging boyfriend ni Mika? Papayag ka bang mga pakalat-kalat lang sa kanto ang maging boyfriend niya? Ako hindi!"

Mike replied with an amused smile, "Ang aga mong kinukunsumi ang sarili mo."

Ha! I'm just dealing with the hypothetical, let's see him deal with the actual eventually. :)


On a separate occasion I was with a dear friend/ Frustrated at her zero lovelife, she blurted out:

"Hay naku, antayin ko na lang kayang lumaki si Gambel?! " (She meant she'd wait till he grows up and she'd have him for a boyfriend, or a husband.)

She was joking of course, and I said, "Naku, wag na. Masarap akong kaibigan pero hindi ako magandang biyenan! (You better think again. I may be a good friend, but I make a terrible mother in law!)"

I was kidding too, of course, but I suppose my saying it meant I kinda believed it somehow. While I don't intend to make life a hell for the people my children will eventually marry, I wish I can influence who they'd end up with. As I always want the best for them, I wish they'd up with people who would love and care for them even more than we have. Who'd respect them, support their dreams, stay committed to their marriage and the family... of course it wouldn't hurt if they're well educated, have the same background, and good looking! :)

This, when my kids are all below 12 years old! Tama si Mike, ang aga kong kunsumihin ang sarili ko! :)

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