Breastfeeding is Best for Babies...

Mika's turning 7 months old next week. That means I've breastfed about 1,960 times, produced about 11,520 ounces (about 350 liters) of milk and flashed my breasts in public about 400 times. (See. I know that'd get your attention!)

The upside is Mika's growing to be a very healthy baby. She hasn't been sick a day in the last six months (well, except for the flu she got from me, which by the way was an epidemic at the time). From time to time she shows the beginnings of a cold, but that quickly goes away and she's her normal, bubbly self.

She's not fat but by golly, she's heavy! She weighed a little over 8 kgs last time we checked. Now she HOPS a lot (with support) and moves around in her walker.

For me, breastfeeding meant not having to get up at all to prepare her a bottle, which meant better and longer sleep at night. (Which is VERY IMPORTANT!) There are no bottles to wash and sterilize, which meant less water and electricity costs. I've also become healthier from all Vitamin A, B, C, Calcium and Iron I got from the malunggay I'm ingesting.

But my favorite bit about breastfeeding is the dramatic weight loss!

I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight, which meant I lost about 20lbs! I now fit into my old pants! Yay! (That even if I do eat a lot!)

Jenn is right. Breastfeeding is best not only for babies but for mommies too! :)

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Olive Joy said...

Kamukha mo! Kaya siyempre, maganda din siya.

You've been tagged, by the way: Tagged

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