I miss being in a choir. With due respect to pop singing, I think nothing tops the discipline of having to sing in harmony (and beauty) with other voices.

Mom got me to audition for the parish choir when I was 9 in a bid to make me discover my talents. That worked, because as I learned to sing in public, speaking in public became piece of cake. So did dancing and acting and... showbusiness! :P

I was pregnant with Gambel when we were in the heat of rehearsals for a choral competition AND performing for then Pres. Estrada and other bigwigs. Gambel came out with an excellent ear, learning a song from one go.

I haven't been to the movies as frequently as I used to. I watched Alvin and the Chipmunks only recently (and accidentally ... the boys screened the DVD out of having nothing else to do) and was floored by this number:

Funky amazing! I especially like how the song tapers off to a wang-wang-wang... I've played the clip a dozen times (and counting). :P I hope I could get together with friends soon, study this arrangement, whiff some helium and get funky like the chipmunks. (LOL. The helium part is a joke.)

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