Slumbook Mode

I'm feeling slumbookish right now, but in a somewhat more profound way (palusot pa eh!). Some questions in my mind:

1. What was the one toy or thing you didn't have in childhood that you promised yourself you'd get for yourself or get lots of when you grow up (and have money)?

Sanrio stuff. But I didn't really promise myself I'd go get them later. I just found myself at Gift Gate buying a Sanrio pencil, notebook or pad paper every so often back in college. :)

2. If you get offered half a million pesos to NOT take a bath, brush your teeth or wash your self for 3 straight months (while still going through your normal life), will you do it?

What will you do with 500grand if your friends and family stay away from stinky you?

3. Why do you think the taba (pork fat) is always put at the end of the barbecue stick?

So you can have your fill before you get to the part that you have to throw away. (I don't eat it eh!)

4. What do you usually order when you come to eat at these joints -- McDonalds, Jollibee, Wendy's, Shakey's/Pizza Hut?

Nuggets at McDo, Spaghetti at Jollibee, Baked Potato and/or Frosty at Wendy's, Bunch of Lunch at Shakey's, any pan pizza at Pizza Hut

5. How many rounds do you go before you wave the white flag at buffets/eat all you cans?

One of the aperitifs, one of the main course and two of the desserts. Then coffee!

6. What item from your childhood do you still have and keep?

Wala na, waahhhh! We've moved house several times na.

7. What's a non-negotiable trait for a life partner?


8. What one thing did you do on a dare?

Ask a teacher out. :) (As naughty as naughty gets.)

9. Where do you go when your soul needs soothing?

A walk. In the 90s, my dorm room. I turn off the lights, crank up the volume of my player and wax sentimental to One Last Cry.

10. What one question remains unanswered in your mind?

That was it?

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Olive Joy said...

Finished! Dali, sagutan mo na yung sa iyo.

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