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I used to be an HR Officer for a leading semiconductor manufacturing company. Pay was good, career was great, I had friends in all levels, and the company was really a good training ground for if you want to be a corporate somebody.

Problem was, one day I woke up and realized I didn't want to be a corporate somebody. Well, not in someone else's company that is. So I left my job in 2002 to help my husband run the family business.

There'd been lowlights -- like the major adjustment from being semi-boss, to being the all-around girl. There's also the adjustment from earning my own money, to being generally financially dependent on my husband. But on the whole, I've been having a good time.

One time I met up with some friends and former co-workers who asked whether I was ever coming back to employment or ever join another company. My answer:

"You see, in (name of our company), I get:
- 100% MBA scholarship
- books and transportation allowance
- unlimited shopping allowance
- free room and board, usually in luxurious accommodations
- regular travel

among other things. Plus, I get to sleep with the boss and no one complains!"

Can any other company top that? :)

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naughty employee... you get to play mahjong as long as he is there hahahahaha

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