How do you move four years worth of stuff? How do you make sense of the heaps of clothes, books, toys, files, houseware, hardware at your feet? How do you stop time, so that you can focus on making sense of a snowballing mess, without the rest of your worries gnawing at you, and your greater world falling apart?

How do you make others see things from your eyes? How do you explain why you like things a certain way, and why you want them done now, here, at once? How can you be several things, at several places at one time?

How do you answer "How are you?" apart from "Busy," when all you can think of are synonyms and derivatives -- in a hurry, distressed, harassed, overwhelmed?

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Why AnneThology?

Anthology means a collection of poems, short stories, plays, songs, or excerpts. My name is Anne, and this blog contains a collection of my thoughts, musings and writings (poems, short stories), some songs I like, plus a sprinkling of excerpts I find worth sharing --hence, AnneThology.

Did you know?

Anthology derives from the Greek word ἀνθολογία (anthologia; literally “flower-gathering”) for garland — or bouquet of flowers — which was the title of the earliest surviving anthology, assembled by Meleager of Gadara.

Look, what I have -- these are all for you.