On Being "Jobless"

A phone call awoke me from a deep afternoon nap. The caller: a Human Capital manager referred by a former boss -- a great boss, but an even greater friend -- who was seeking my services as Trainer. They want me to conduct a series of Basic English refresher courses, to teach their 3,000 or so employees.


I've been essentially jobless for almost 4 years now, but I haven't really been on a jobhunt, essentially because I've had my hands full helping my husband run the family business. My tasks run the gamut of the mediocre (answering phone calls or typing up price quotes) to the strategic (managing cash flow; or studying diversification). It's been exciting, but it's been a far cry from the corporate world I grew accustomed to, a long shot from what I really excelled at.

And then this.

It's not everyday (and perhaps, unheard of), that it happens that you sit (or even sleep) at home and somebody knocks at your door and offers you a job. Nor in my wildest dreams do I have someone beat my doors down, asking me to do something I really enjoy and get paid an insane amount for it.

But I was wide awake and on the phone for several minutes. The offer is very real, and I have to make up my mind and reach a decision by weekend. If I say yes, I would start running the sessions by the second Saturday of September, coincidentally, my son Gabriel's birthday.

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chin said...

i'm curious kung ano ang decision mo on this...do let us know =D and if you should accept the job i wish you all the best!

anneski:) said...

Thanks, Jenn/Chin! Will let you know how it turns out! :)

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