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Sigh. I'm gaining notoriety (I think) for my propensity to write letters to my son's school, in an effort to make things better, or demand correction where they are due. I've just written another letter, which is about their textbook in Computer-Aided Learning. Read and react here.

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AN said...

I agree... that you will gain notoriety :P I personally think that there should be someone brave enough to do this for the benefit of the students.

Anyways, just want to share a recent experience when I reviewed Ichi's first monthly exam paper in Computer subject.
The test question goes something like _________ is the blah blah blah blah;
Ichi's answer: Mainframe
You know what? The teached marked it as wrong, and then corrected it to MainframeS (with an S).
Like hello?! What happened to subject verb agreement?

olbjoy said...

hmmm. maybe i should go write computer textbooks. hahahaha.

good move. parents generally don't care about what's in textbooks these days. they'd trust teachers to do everything for them and teachers can only do so much. kids need to see that mom and dad don't just go crazy over grades when it's too late.

Anonymous said...

ann this is jeng. it should be hands on... d ba. then memorizing senseless, confusing blah blah blah... computer is considered as user friendly not brain wrecking thing. duh. cool ka lang mare. i do understand you . di ba.

jenggita said...

ann dear,

computer subject for me should be focus on how to use it properly with the diffrent programs it offers. Especially with Jam's age level. Pag highschool na pwede na yung mga technical terms and eventually if jam wants to take up computer science.... hay naku that's all i can say...

anneski:) said...

Olive, yes, you do need to write computer textbooks. Would you please, pretty please? you're more than qualified.

Anne, so what happened next? You should have taught that teacher a thing or two about S-V agreement. Kung ako yon... hahaha. You know the rest. :)

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