Lost in Translation

I bought a toothpaste-squeezer today. OC-me, I like having the toothpaste squeezed from the bottom up, using every drop there is in the tube.

The item was imported from China, the package said, and curiously I went to check out the company website. Below's what's written in the About Us page.



"Apple Poingpoing Wangshung plastic mold factory is located domestically known far and wide "township of the Chinese mold" --- the Taizhou Hwangyen, approaches the Hwangyen airport, 104 countries route and the Haimen port, the geographical position is superior, the transportation extremely facilitates. My factory specialized production daily expense lives at home the thing, the product type maintains freshness the series including the microwave, the health bath series, and so on other series products. Moreover, my factory may produce the special product according to the customer request.

This factory had been established since 1998, receives by "the quality first, the customer is supreme, take honestly as this" for serves the objective, "is in the lead by the science and technology, the development innovation, shares double wins" is the management idea, unceasingly strengthens the product quality the surveillance and the management, while guarantees the product quality, my factory provides the highest quality service by might and main for the customer."

Ano daw?!

If you ever figure out what the author's trying to say, let me know. (Wink! Wink!)
BTW, to protect the well-meaning businessman, the name of the factory has been changed. :)

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atedonski said...

donts worries, tita anne! the uk is partnership already in schooling option in china. therefore, the english grammar is improvement this future.

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