Sweet-Sour-Spicy Heaven

Mom knows me well.

Hundreds of miles away in Australia, she thoughtfully sends me three packs of Thai Sampaloc balls.

She must have known how, like when I was her little girl, I'd gleefully pop each ball into my mouth, loving the tug-o-war between the tang, sweetness, saltiness and spice.

Thai deli carts sells Thai sampaloc in malls, but it's the thoughtfulness and the attendant memories of a happy childhood that makes the three packs of Thai sampaloc from Mom a little piece of heaven. :)

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olbjoy said...

aww. how sweet of your mom! you take great pictures of food, i must say. those sampaloc balls are making my mouth water as i comment.


oh and we got a 96 on our PAL paper. not bad.

anneski:) said...
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