Bad Body Day

Oops, I had it again.

Some people have bad hair days...days when their hair seem to have a life of their own and do not conform to the rules of styling.

Me, I have bad body days, as I did for the nth time, this morning. On days such as this my body takes a life of its own, puts curves in the worst places, and every bit of clothing I put on seem to mismatch or just doesn't make the cut...

The reasons for that sometimes, is physiological: Weight gain = curves in the wrong places = clothes make me look like a sack of potatoes. Sometimes, it's psychological: Bad mood = feeling less pretty/feminine/sexy = time spent choosing something to wear = infinity.

On most times, it's downright petty:

1) I wanna use this bag, but I can't find the clothes that go with it!
2) I want to wear something pink today; but my pink blouse doesn't go with anything else in my closet
3) I need to wear this newly bought accessory...

On those times I end up trying on the whole closet, then sighing exasperatedly, "Wala akong maisuot! (There's nothing here for me to wear!)" To which my husband replies, equally exasperatedly, "Sa dami ng damit mo, wala kang maisuot? (A full closet and still nothing to wear?)" He cannot emphatize. Getting dressed for him is as easy as putting on jeans and a polo, almost often white.

This morning I actually tried on 11 pieces of clothing: a ForMe beige slacks with an olive green knitted blouse; that same slacks with a ForMe knitted aquablouse; that slacks with a Retazzo blouse; that slacks with a Lhasa blouse. Then dark jeans with a violet Molecules shirt; then the dark jeans with a while Club Monaco blouse. Scrapped all that (proof: heap of clothes on the bed) and tried on another pair of jeans (lighter this time) and a pink Hang Ten striped shirt.

Until I tried on the same pair of jeans with a white cotton sleeveless blouse with floral prints (which I haven't worn for a while) and liked what I saw in the mirror. :) Satisfied, I completed the look with a denim-blue themed beaded necklace, denim-blue and white faux pearl bracelet, white pearl-stud earrings, white sandals, my silver shades and my trusty white-and-blue bag, and finally left the house. Total time spent dressing and undressing and dressing again: two hours.

Hay... hirap maging babae!

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jenn said...

oh, i can so relate to the bad body day. that's why my closet always coms downs in a landslide of sorts when i open it =)

anneski:) said...

hahaha. me, i create a mountain of clothes on the bed, then come down the stairs apologizing to the maid for the mess. :) sometimes when i get so guilty i ask her not to touch it para ako ang magligpit. :)

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