As Tough As It Gets ;)

Here's another original, from my other blog (, which I wrote about 3 months ago [the motivation for which line of thinking I already forgot ;)]. I was reminded of it the other day as Claire and I walked for miles in Glorietta in search for the perfect get-up for her graduation. We were saying, quite repeatedly, how the males in the graduating batch would have come up with their outfits weeks ago, because theirs was the simple task of finding the barong/suit that fits their physiques and pockets, while for Claire (and the rest of the ladies) it was looking for the right fit, color, style, look for the dress, ensuring that it's functional enough (or can be used for other occasions) and reasonably priced, then planning the right accessories for it, and imagining complementing hair and make-up. The complexity of the situation and the urgency of the issue at hand is one that can only be appreciated and understood by who else but ... other women like us. :)

Yesterday at Eve and Jundy's wedding reception while talking about my Friendster blog Shawie commented that she found my musings at Bebo cute and "thought-provoking." I figured it'd be a nice if my friendsters would get to read my Bebo blogs too. So here's one from my Bebo blog, my thoughts on why it's tough being a woman. On y va!



If you're a woman, you have to be pretty, or physically attractive. You're supposed to look good, dress well, smell nice. Have white teeth, shiny hair, french-tipped (if not colored) nails, cute feet, and smooth skin.

If you're pretty, you must also be sexy. You have to watch what you eat, watch your weight, have no cellulite or bulges and have curves in areas that matter.

If you're pretty and sexy na, you have to be smart as well (else you'd be labelled a bimbo). You have to make sense when you talk, be able to make pungent observations about the greatest issues of the day, and have a healthy sense of humor.

If you're pretty, sexy and smart na, you still have to be nice. You can't bitch around, you have to be at your best behavior, be approachable, polite and courteous, poised, and keep your calm and composure even if you want to cry or rip their heads off with your bare hands.

If you're pretty, sexy, smart and nice, you still have to have a useful talent or skill. You can at least sing, dance, paint, deliver a speech, speak three other languages, write a poem, play the guitar or the piano, bake, whip up a gourmet meal, change a flat tire, change oil, mountain climb, dive, drive, make mean martinis, write java scripts..

If you're pretty, sexy, smart, nice and talented, you have to be self-sufficient. You have to be comfortable in your own skin, be your own person, able to heal your wounds, nurse your broken heart, settle your personal conflicts, deal with your demons and face your fears. Of course it wouldn't hurt if you're earning your own money and are charging to your own account.

And on top of that, if you're already pretty, sexy, smart, nice, talented, and self-sufficient, you have to have substance, be spiritual, be involved, contribute, practice the right values, and have enough love, time and commitment to be the best wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, fiancee, teacher, counselor, worker, advocate, etc. that you could ever be.

It's tough being a woman. :)

May 30, 2005

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