Turned Ten at the Farm

For our 10th wedding anniversary (Feb. 24) Mike and I originally planned to spend a few nights in either Singapore, Bangkok, Xiamen or Shenzhen. Upon the (indirect) suggestion of my friendster, Jenn, (through "Christmas Hunnymoon") we went instead to The Farm at San Benito in Bgy. Tipakan, Lipa City, Batangas.

After settling in at one of the huts at the Sulu Terrace, we went to the Waterfall Pool, in an enclave called the Secret Garden. Surrounded by vines, large plants and big trees, and tickled by the lilting sound of falling water, we felt like Tarzan and Jane enjoying a dip in a jungle pond! :)

After that one-hour dip we showered and walked to the Salus Per Aqua, where we were treated to relaxation massage. The aroma of the oils (Rose for me and Sandalwood for Mike), the meditative music playing subtly at the background, the calming lights and atmosphere in the room, and most of all, the gentle but firm stokes on our tired, massage-hungry bodies lulled us to semi-sleep. We got up from the 60-minute session secretly wishing we had 60 minutes more...

We had dinner at the 85/15, the one and only restaurant in The Farm, which serves only live food -- raw, organic, vegetarian food. At the front desk we were told that the restaurant does not serve fish, meat and dairy products, so we braced ourselves for bland, inexciting food. (Actually, basing on Jenn's account of the food on her blog, we thought we'd go hungry and so we brought along a loaf of wheat bread and a jar of portoguese sardines for just-in-case.)

We were then pleasantly surprised to be served gourmet-looking food (complete with garnishes and flourishes), family buffet style. The second surprise was that we found ourselves actually liking the food. (Food pics and more stories here.) Third suprise? We didn't get hungry and didn't need our just-in-case stash, even if we played a mean round of Scrabble when we got back to our room. ;)

The following morning we woke early and took a walk, admiring the breathtaking landscape. (If I get to bet on the lotto and win, I'd buy and make myself a sprawling landscape like this.) We took pictures. Lots of them.

Our eyes satiated, we headed for 85/15 for breakfast, which was equally gratifying as the dinner of the night before. We then spent the remaining hours of the morning swimming - a few minutes in the pool by the Spa and then later, in the sunny area of the Southpool. It being a Saturday however (pay day for our staff), we had to check out at noontime and head home to reality. We promised to come back with the boys, and hopefully with some friends and family... and for more pictures! :)


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