My brothers used to joke that I didn't have one athletic bone in my body. At the time k'se that they were hitting the tennis courts I was content staying at home, baking, experimenting with recipes, or writing as usual. But the joke isn't entirely true of course. I play volleyball, and have lately discovered the fun of billiards while on a date with Mike last Friday.

Oh, forget Bowling. This is one Nepomuceno who can't. Or perhaps the balls were just too heavy? There was no ball lighter than 10 in sight when we played so I had to contend myself with what we had...no swinging, just aiming...and getting frustrated... Kaquilala did better than Nepomuceno. Nepomuceno put up a fight in Billiards later though and amazed Kaquilala, who knew that it was Nepomuceno's first ever billiard game in her whole life. Fast learner? :)

Saturday was Barbecue Nite, and, feeling guilty about all the food he's gorged, Mike suddenly wanted to take a stroll...in Luneta! First he said, "Ganito na lang tayo.." meaning we don't change from the home attire we were in. Was he kidding? (I was in cotton leggings and an apple green sleeveless shirt... he was wearing tennis shorts and an old, white shirt.) I said no way! Gambel (resident Dragon and Virgo, the Perfectionist) wouldn't hear of it too, saying, "Hindi puede, daddy, hindi tayo papapasukin ng guard!" So we all dressed and drove out. As a concession to Mike's laid-back wishes, I just wore jeans and a white Puma shirt. And no make-up.

Realizing it was a Saturday, Gimmick night, we thought Roxas Blvd. would be full and parking at Baywalk would be a problem. So we turned to C5 and headed off to Jaymi's Grill (formerly Dencio's) instead and played mini-golf. It was Jam's night, thrice making hole-in-one shots. Hmmm...now, now, is it Dentistry or the quest to be the next Tiger?

Anyway, after breaking off a sweat and finishing about 2 1/2 rounds of golf (I lost count...try watching four kids --my sons and my nieces-- with one boy named Gambel being all over the place randomly putting off) Mike called it a night, amidst protests from the kids who said in unison, "Daddy di pa tayo nag-soccer... sabi mo pupunta tayo ng Luneta?" Knowing them better we just said we're postponing the soccer game, promising to go to UP the following day. In a few minutes all four have dozed off at the backseat. Ni hindi pa kami nakakarating ng EDSA. And they wanted to drive pa to the Quirino Grandstand!

After lunch the next day, Sunday, we dressed to go for the promised Soccer game at the UP Sunken Garden. As we had just finished lunch I didn't bother to pack food anymore, thinking we would head off for the mall after the game anyway, as we had done in the past two Sundays... we went to Rockwell in the first Sunday, then to SM North for Kids at Work on the next. (In the last 2 Sundays we went in the morning, and I packed a heavy picnic basket. One Sunday it was Spaghetti and Fried Chicken; the next it was Pancit Bihon, then pandesal and fried ham and a jar of tuna-egg spread I made... Jam finished a record 9 ham pandesal sandwiches! As usual, I was so happy to be back in UP and revelled in the rustic-urban atmosphere and whiffed all the cool, clean air from the majestic acacia trees...)

Anyhow, when we got to the Sunken Garden the kids headed off. Meanwhile Mike took out the soccer ball and....surprise! a Badminton Set and said to me, "Laro tayo!" So the boys and my nieces played soccer while we played Badminton (my first again). First it was a few misses and a series of "Ano ba yun?!" but later there was serious volley when we got the hang of it. Partida I wasn't dressed for the occasion... I was in jeans, my favorite Kamiseta blouse, and heels. How's that for a badminton workout attire?

There's a standing joke among us: the back of the Everest is a veritable Ace Hardware, while the back of Ryan's car can replace Toby's anytime. :) Out came Ryan with his tennis bag, which contained a pair of tennis rackets, two pairs of badminton rackets, a canister of tennis balls and a canister of shuttlecocks. Ryan replaced Mike and played with me, while Mike took a break to practice his Taekwondo kicks (that have gone way too rusty)... and to play with the boys.

We were due to have dinner with my Aunt and cousins from Malolos at 6pm and so it was "finished or not finished, pass your papers" at 5:30. Then it was wiping, powdering and changing clothes for my 3 boys. What happens to no-extra-shirt, profusely-sweating Mom? Thank God there was the Shopping Center, where I got a nice UP salmon-pink baby tee for only P165 (so characteristically UP)! Bihis sa sasakyan nga lang. (",)
We're most likely going again this Sunday. I wonder what I'd put in the picnic basket? Hope it doesn't rain. :)

July 05, 2005

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