A Party in Two Acts


Our dear friend Bryant hosted a dinner at Saisaki Glorietta in celebration of his 60th :P birthday. He was expecting a larger crowd, but as things turned out, it was a cozy party of eight, a reunion of sorts for our Ethics group (composed of Claire, Dottie, Grace and moi...absent si Marloni and Sir J), and the addition of dashing gents Jojo and Bien. (Later, we were joined by Bryant and Claire and Jojo's classmate in STRAMA, Chris).

Over buffet and bottomless iced tea (and later, hot japanese tea to help us digest the platefuls of tempura and yaki and cheesecake, canonigo, and danish puffs), the party was a boisterous basket of revelations (e.g., that I initially --and secretly -- hated Bryant when we were groupmates in ManSci, because he singlehandedly worked on our report and gave me the littlest time to prepare my spiel/presentation); recollections (that Claire was scared of Bryant when they were classmates in ManPri, thinking 'ang laking mama naman nito!'); updates (Bryant, Jojo, Claire and Dottie have finished their OCEs; Grace is still taking a leave from school, and I am going back for two electives before the dreaded STRAMA) and shooting random pictures...

In between, we passed around the scrapbook Claire and I made for Bryant, for the party to sign. On the cover was my smaller, Adobe Photoshop version of the Kung Fu Hustle movie poster, this time starring not Stephen Chow, but Bryant.

We thought we could sit and talk and shoot away for as long as we wanted, but reality dawned when the Saisaki people started turning off lights and stopped refilling our tea glasses. :(

Bryant suggested we head off to the Coffee Bean at Greenbelt, for coffee and better tasting, creamier, cheesier cheesecake...

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